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This HbbTV Developers Wiki has been created to serve the needs of application developers. The articles are written by TV-RING project partners as well as HbbTV developers and hopefully could provide an added value for many other HbbTV developers. The wiki is structured into differnet topics, listed in the table below and in the sidebar, as well as into categories. Every article is linked to one or many categories. All categories are listet as cloud in the box at the bottom of the page. Note that this wiki is still in the making and will be improved over time.


How to
Known issues
User requirements
HbbTV relies on HTML and JavaScript with a number of specific boundary conditions which are reflected in the HbbTV specification.

Programming examples, code snippets and explanations could be found in the different “How tos”. In this chapter, we try to include all known problems and offer possible solutions. A good app means offering a good user experience, including technical issues, ease of use and a smooth experience.

Getting started

Before you begin with the development of HbbTV applications, the following links might be interesting for you. You can find an HbbTV standard explanation and a quick overview about all the technical specifications which are used and referred to by HbbTV. You can find your first "Hello World!" HbbTV application with short explanations. How to set up an development environment is also explained. Please notice that a real HbbTV environment takes some more effort and requires real HbbTV hardware. You will find instructions about this under the category "Guideline".



This wiki is readable for everybody, but writing access is reserved for registered persons. The articles are written by HbbTV developers which could provide at least one HbbTV application reachable through an HbbTV end device. If somebody is interested in working with us on this wiki or detected some mistakes please don't hesitate and contact us at: contact@hbbtv-developer.com