MPEG DASH multiple video implementation over one single manifest

by Sergi Màrquez Andreu The aim of this article is to explain how we created a MPD (Media Presentation Description) with multiple videos in a single asset. To realize this, we have used the tools provided by TVC in order

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Second screen as HbbTV multi-camera remote control

by Isaac Fraile Vila This article will discuss how to create a video mosaic using FFMPEG and how to adapt an HbbTV 1.5 application to use the second-screen to select the content and then view the program into a smart-TV.

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HbbTV synchronization

by Isaac Fraile Vila This article will discuss how to synchronize a Smart-TV with a mobile device using a second-screen and the HbbTV 1.5 technology. The purpose of this is view the same content synchronized into the both screens, the

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MPEG-DASH open-source tools for HbbTV applications and TV sets testing

Latest beta version (0.2) of the liveMediaStreamer (LMS) includes MPEG-DASH support for live streaming. It has been successfully tested to produce live MPEG-DASH streams for an HbbTV application, tested in a broadcaster laboratory with different commercial connected TV sets.

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HbbTV Application: “Verknallt & Abgedreht”

by Sebastian Siepe The German HbbTV application (http://hbbtv.verknalltundabgedreht.de/index.php) based on a teenager documentation format with 20 episodes. The documentation is focused on the topic “love” from a teenagers’ point of view. Therefore the accompanying HbbTV application is developed for the

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Configuring Wowza for MPEG-DASH

Isaac Fraile Vila, Ramon Quesada Casas. This article will explain how to produce testing sources and how to configure a server for MPEG-DASH using Wowza media systems. For more information about this topic and Hbbtv1.5, you can also check MPEG-DASH Encoding

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MPEG-DASH Encoding for HbbTV

Since HbbTV v1.5, MPEG-DASH has been included in the HbbTV specification and stated to be the main streaming format for both live and onDemand content. Among the most relevant reasons to include MPEG-DASH into HbbTV there is MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming

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