Co-creation for HbbTV development – Part 2

Internal workshop at RBB: Early Paper Mockups


The first workshop was the starting point of the development process and involved editors and engineers. Here, a list of key features of the service was defined and several paper screens were developed with different alternative solutions for certain functions, using cardboard, paper, glue and pencils, incorporating all the major features of the planned application.


Especially for the start and the video player screen several alternatives were created. Inevitably these functions served as basis for the prototyping work in the external co-creation workshop, when two groups of people were asked to take care of the start screen and the other two groups of the video player screen.


All the results were documented by taking photographs. For two of the screens, the start and the video player screen, several alternative variants were discussed and created, which led to the decision of taking these screens to the following iteration, the external co-creation workshop at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal.


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